Whoever wishes to attain the levels of the strangers

“Whoever wishes to attain the levels of the strangers, let him bear with patience the harm he will meet from his parents, his wife, his brothers and relatives. If one were to ask, “How can they harm me seeing I am beloved to them and they to me?” It is said in reply:

You have opposed them in their love of this world and their great desire for it. They, in order to attain this world, do not care what they lose of their religion, if you follow them in this, they will love you; if you oppose them and instead traverse the path to the Hereafter by following the truth, they will behave coarsely towards you. Your parents will be pained and angry at your actions, your wife will be vexed at you and seek separation, and your brothers and relatives will rarely meet you. You will be, amongst them, saddened and disturbed, and it is then that you will look at yourself with the eye of a stranger and you will understand the circumstances of all strangers, you will feel isolated from your brothers and relatives, and you will find yourself alone, traversing the path to Allah, the Noble.

Be patient for just a few days, bear the ignominy of this world for a few minutes, partake scarcely of this lowly life, you will find that this leads you to the Abode of well-being, its land is pure, its gardens resplendent, its fruits bountiful and its rivers sweet; therein you will have all the soul desires and all the eye takes delight in, therein you will abide for eternity.“

– Ibn Rajab


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