Fundamental principles in memorizing Qur’an

Memorizing the Qur‘an should be given preference over many of the things that we consider to be knowledge. The most important fundamental principles which are concerned for the rigorous reciter in memorization of al-Qur’an:

1. Sincerity is the secret of success and victory is from Allāh

2. “Memorization in the youth is like etching in stone”

3. Choosing the time of memorization

4. Choosing the place of memorization

5. Excellent reading and proper intonation and sound with the Qur’an

6. Confiding oneself to one particular edition of the mushaf

7. Correct reading (done) before memorization

8. Working with the portion (every du’a amount) for memorization as a task towards memorization, choose a certain portion for memorization daily so that its memorization remains

9. Working repeatedly with a portion cements its retention of new memorized portion from escaping

10. Daily memorization is better than occasional memorization

11. Slow measured memorization is better than quick and impulsive memorization

12. Concentration on that which is doubtful (to you), protects one from doubt in memorization

13. Attachment with a qualified teacher

14. Concentrating the sight during the memorization of the verses for the mind to follow the pages

15. Linking memorization and reading with practice, obligatory following and leaving off sins and disobedience

16. Organized repetition and review cements memorization

17. Complete understanding is the means for complete memorization

19. Strong motivation and personal desire (is required) in memorization

20. Turning to Allāh with du’a and seeking from Him is very important in memorizing the Qur’an.

Reference : كيف تحفظ القران الكريم قواعد أساسية و طرق عملية


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