Ja’far lbn AbĪ Tālib’s Martyrdom.

Ja’far lbn Abī Tālib was the older brother of ‘Alee lbn Abī Tālib.

Aboo Hurayrah narrated: “The most generous of all the people to the poor was Ja’far ibn Abi Talib. He used to take us to his home and offer us what was available therein. He would even offer us an empty folded leather container of butter which we would split and lick whatever was in it.”

In the Battle of Mut‘ah the Muslims who were vastly outnumbered, fought the Romans, with Ja’far lbn Abi Talib as the commander of the Muslim army.

During the Battle, he fought fiercely and eventually his arms were cutoff during the battle, yet he did not stop fighting.

He was eventually killed by a Roman soldier who sliced him in two.

It is reported that: “The body of Ja’far held seventy-two scars between his shoulders, where he had been either struck by a sword or pierced by a spear.”

When the news reached the Prophet, he began to cry and prayed for him.

Jibril then came and told him: “Allah has given Ja’far two wings soaked in blood in place of his arms and he flies with his wings amongst the Angels.”

[ صحيح البخا ري ٥\٥٧\٥٧، صحيح الجا مح ١٨٩٦ ، الواقدي ٣٤٢، ابن إسحاق ٥٣٢\٥٣٤ ]


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