The Ummah Today

There were once four cows. One of them was white and the other three were black. They used to live in a dangerous area surrounded by wolves. The way they protected themselves was by sticking together, and watching out for each other. So they survived.

But one day the three black cows had a meeting. They said, “This white cow is giving us away. When we try to hide at night, because we are black no one can see us, but the enemy is able to see the white cow, so why don’t we just let him go.” So from that day on, the three black cows would be on one side and the poor white cow was boycotted.

The wolf is very intelligent. He was able to detect the disunity that was amongst these cows. So he made his move and attacked the white cow, and while the wolf devoured his flesh the three black cows did nothing. They watched as their brother was torn to pieces! But the following night the wolf attacked the three black cows. Why? Because now they were one cow short, so they were not as strong as they were the day before.

Then there were only two black cows left. So the night after, it was even easier for the wolf and he ate one more of them. And then on the final night there was only one cow left with no supporter and no helper. So the wolf pounced on the cow and grabbed him by the neck. As the cow was dieing he pronounced his last words. This black cow said, ”l was eaten the day the white cow was eaten.” In other words, that was the day he sealed his fate and signed his own death certificate.


Shaykh Anwar Al—Awlaki:

”This story is a good representation of the situation of the Muslim Ummah today. This is exactly what is happening. We are watching one Muslim nation fall one after another, and we are watching, sitting back, doing nothing.

When Palestine was taken, we did nothing. And then one nation after another is falling into problems; you have Kashmir, you have Chechnya, the Muslims in the Philippines, and now we have Iraq, and the Ummah is doing nothing. The Ummah is watching, while Iraq is being devoured.

It’s not going to end there, because it’s going to spill over to other countries like Syria and only Allaah knows who is next! So those nations weren’t taken today, they were taken along time ago. When we allowed a Muslim nation to fall down, we have allowed the same thing to happen to each and every one of us.”


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