The deceptions of iblees upon the scholars.

Ibn al-Jawziyy said in Talbees Iblees (pp. 121-122) that:

“And from the deceptions of Iblees upon the scholars is their mixing with the rulers and the kings, their flattering them and failure to correct them when they are able to do so. May be they make allowances for them where there is no allowance for them, in order to attain some worldly benefit. So this produces corruption from three angles.

🔸Firstly, the ruler is corrupted by that. He says, “If I were not upon what is correct, the scholar would correct me. And how can I not be correct when he is eating from my wealth!”

🔸Secondly, the common person because he says, “There is no harm in this ruler, nor in his wealth, nor in his actions, because such and such scholar, does not criticize him.”

🔸Thirdly, the scholar (himself) is corrupted by that. Because he corrupts his religion through this practice, and Iblees has deceived them into entering upon the rulers by saying to them, “You will just enter to intercede for the benefit of a Muslim.”


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