Ibn al-Qayyim Says:

Three Things sickens the body:

1) Talking too much.
2) Sleeping too much.
3) Eating too much.

Four things destroys the body:
1) Stress.
2) Grief.
3) Hunger.
4) Staying up late at night.

Four things dries the face and takes away its joy and respect:
1) Lying.
2) Insolence.
3) Asking too many questions without knowledge.
4) Indecency.

Four things brings to the face joy and respect:
1) Piety.
2) Truthfulness.
3) Generosity.
4) Self respect.

Four things brings Rizk (provision):
1) Night full prayers.
2) Frequent remembrance of Allah before dawn.
3) Continues charity.
4) The remembrance of Allah at the beginning and at the end of the day.

Four things prevents Rizq (provision):
1) Sleeping early in the morning (after Fajr).
2) Lack of prayers.
3) Laziness.
4) Treason and betrayal.


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