Al-Rāfidha – Mahdī or Dajjāl ?

One of the greatest signs that the rāfidha sect is from the works of Shaytān, is their beliefs which directly oppose Islamic fundamentals. Either by applying godly qualities to mortal men, or by fabricating and slandering the righteous muwahhidīn.

but one of the greatest signs is that their description of “Imam Mahdi” are shockingly similar to our description of the false Messiah, “Ad-Dajjāl” [the Deciever]

I will give you a comparison of their beliefs of Imam Mahdi and our description of Dajjāl, and I will leave you to make your own judgement at the end.

Rāfidhi Mahdi: Has been alive for more than a thousand years ago, another cleric said millions of years ago.
Dajjāl: Has been alive for thousands of years and was alive even at the time of the final Messenger.

Rāfidhi Mahdi: despite being alive for thousands/millions of years, he will emerge as a young man.
Dajjāl: despite him being alive for thousands of years, will appear as a young well built man.

Rāfidhi mahdi: Will be a saviour to mankind and be a Messiah.
Dajjāl: Will have most of mankind following him and will claim he’s the Messiah, but he’s the FALSE Messiah.

Rāfidhi Mahdi: A supernatural being who will have the ability to raise the dead.
Dajjāl: Will be able to control the weather, and bring life to dead [by the permission of Allāh as a test]

Rāfidhi Mahdi: Most of his followers will be from Irān
Dajjāl: Will emerge in Khurasān/Isfahan
[modern day Irān], and will be followed by a large number of Jews from there.

Rāfidhi Mahdi: Is equal to or even higher than previous Messengers of Allāh
Dajjāl: Will claim prophethood, then will claim Lordship.

Rāfidhi Mahdi: Israelite tribes [Jews] will be among his soldiers
Dajjāl: as mentioned earlier, will have a large amount of Jews in his army

Rāfidhi Mahdi: will rule according to the laws of David (Dawūd عليه السلام)
Dajjāl: Will claim to be the awaited [Jewish] messenger thus ruling by Jewish law

Rāfidhi Mahdi: Will bring with him a “corrected Qur’ān”
Dajjāl: Will bring a new set of laws [new scripture]

From this I can see clearly that their awaited Mahdī is in fact the greatest of Fitnah on mankind, the False Messiah, Ad-Dajjāl.

And Iblīs has truly deceived these people into thinking they are upon righteousness, May Allah protect us from the Devil’s deception and allow us to be steadfast upon the Qur’an and Sunnah


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