1. Verify – تبينوا
2. Reconcile & make peace – أصلحوا
3. Fear Allāh – اتقوا الله
4. Be equitable – أقسطوا
5. Don’t scoff – لا يسخر
6. Don’t defame – لا تلمزوا
7. Don’t insult – لا تنابزوا
8. Avoid suspicion – اجتنبوا كثيرا من الظن
9. Don’t spy – لا تجسّسوا
10. Don’t backbite – لا يغتب

These 10 points are taken from Sūrah Al-Hujurāt.

The entire chapter is only 18 verses.

Make effort to read, memorise, understand and most importantly implement the great advice from this beautiful chapter of the Qur’ān.


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