When will Allah ﷻ return izza and victory to the Ummah again?

Aleppo, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, Libya, Somalia and the list goes on! Why is the Ummah suffering like this? When will it stop? When will Allah ﷻ return izza and victory to the Ummah again? Wallahi my brother’s & sister’s Allah ﷻ and The Prophet (ﷺ) answered these questions for us clearly!

We need to understand that the reason why we are suffering so much as an Ummah is because of our actions. Allah ﷻ tells us in Surah Al-Rum, “[Since they have become oblivious of God,] corruption has appeared on land and in the sea due to what men’s hands have wrought: and so He will let them taste [the evil of] some of their doings, so that they might return [to the right path].” Our Ummah is being annihilated due to shirk, bid’ah and major sins widespread. You being in that relationship you shoudn’t be in. You going to that club you shoudn’t go to. Endless sins that we regard as trivial.

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) also told us that due to our love of Dunya & hatred of death that the enemies of Allah ﷻ will set upon us like diners set upon food. Showing how vulnerable we’ll become when we get so attached to this Dunya & forget the Akhira. We’re all so guilty of this!

Allah ﷻ put qamu Musa (AS) under drought due to an individuals sin and we lost the battle of Uhud due to the disobedience of one of The Prophet (ﷺ) orders, yet we want victory while we sin 24-7 carefree and fail in our basic tenets of faith?! Again, The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) told us in another hadith that Allah ﷻ himself will send down humililation upon us if we do not return back to the Deen and His path. The way the Salaf (May Allah be pleased with them) understood it!

Wallahi we can protest all day & sign petitions all night but it will make no difference. If we don’t change our mindset and the way we live our lifes we will continue to suffer, for now. “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” – Surah Al-Ra’d [13:11]. We can’t point fingers at the world leaders, double standards and lack of media coverage because that’s not the problem and not where victory lies. It’s us! We’re the problem. Remember the Ummah in your duaa’s, in every sajda.


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