Deviant Sects: Al-Bareilwiyyah

Al-Bareilwiyyah [barelvis]

The Bareilawis are an extreme Sufi sect that appeared in the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent, in the city of Bareilly, in the Indian state of ‘Uttar Pradesh’ during the days of British colonialism.
founded by a follower of the ‘Maturidiyyah and Ash’ariyyah schools of jurisprudence. The sect is know for their Ghulū [extremism] towards the final Messenger, Muhammad [صلى الله عليه وسلم], giving him godly attributes and other deviant things.

The sect was founded by a man named ‘Ahmad Rezā Khān’ but he called himself “ ‘Abdu’l Mustafā (Slave of Mustafā)” [Mustafā is one of Prophet Muhammad’s names, suggesting that he is a slave of Muhammad rather than the slave of Allāh]

He was a famous extreme Sūfi and had said many blasphemous statements throughout his life, eg, “When you are confused, seek help from the occupants of the graves”

They believe in bid’ah hasanah “good innovation” as opposed to rasūl’Allāh’s saying ; “EVERY innovation is misguidance, and every misguidance is in the Fire”
[Nasā’ī ~ 1578] (Sahīh)

They believe Rasūl’Allāh is Al-Samī and Al-Basīr [All Seeing and All Hearing] where as these are qualities and attributes of Allāh [جل جلاله]

All of them are celebrators of Milād-An’Nabī [prophet’s birthday] and they say, “If you do not celebrate Milād, then you hate the Messenger”

They deny that Rasūl’Allāh was made of clay, rather they say that he was made directly from the light which eminates from Allāh [سبحانه وتعالى]

They believe Rasūl’Allāh has power and control over the universe

They believe Rasūl’Allāh has knowledge of the unseen [‘Ilm ul-Ghayb] but only Allāh has knowledge of the unseen

The believe that Rasūl’Allāh is omnipresent [everywhere] and can see what is happening, especially after Jumu’ah salāh.

They pray at the shrines or graves of their ‘Awliyā [saints] with the intention of seeking intercession and barakah [blessings]. They are known to yell “Ya Rasūl’Allāh” further confirming their belief that Rasūl’Allāh is alive and omnipresent

They also have abandoned Al-Jihād, most of them adopting the murji’ite ‘Aqeedah, seperating imān from action.


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