Deviant Sects: Al-Jahmiyyah


The first to call to this innovated and corrupt ideology was a man named ‘Jahm ibn Safwān’

who unleashed upon this ‘Ummah the horrific innovation of ta’tîl [denial of Allāh’s Attributes]. He did this either directly, or by twisting the meanings; such as twisting the meaning of ‘The Hand of Allāh’ to mean ‘His Power and Generosity’. They also denied the clear verses which affirmed that Allāh is above His creation and above His Throne, as well as holding the belief that Paradise and Hellfire will eventually cease to exist.

The Jahmīyyah split into twelve sects:

Al-Mu’attillah (المعطله): claimed that anything on which human attributes may apply was a creature, and whoever claimed that Allāh could be seen was a disbeliever (kāfir). Al-Mirrisiyyah (المرِّسيه): claimed that most of Allāh’s attributes were

Al-Multaziqah (الملتزقه): claimed that Allāh [the Mighty and the Majestic] was everywhere.

Al-Wāridīyyah (الوارديه): claimed that whoever knew his Lord he would never enter the Hellfire. And that whoever entered the Hellfire would never leave it.

Al-Zanādiqah (الزنادقه): claimed that no one could confirm that God existed. because such confirmation could only take place through the five senses [See, hear, feel, taste, smell], and that which may not be sensed is not a god, and that
which may not be sensed may not be confirmed.

Al-Harqīyyah (الحرقيه): claimed that a disbeliever will only feel pain once in the Hellfire, then he will continue to be burnt without feeling any pain.

Al-Makhlūqīyyah ( المخلوقيه): claimed that the Qur’ān was a creation.

Al-Fānīyyah (الفانيه): claimed that Paradise and the Hellfire would [eventually] vanish. Some of them claimed that both of them were not created yet.

Al-‘Irīyyah (العريه): denied prophecy, and claimed that Prophets were only wise men.

Al-Wāqifīyyah (الواقفيه): claimed that the Qur’ān could not be confirmed whether to be a creation or not.

Al-Qabrīyyah (القبريه): denied the turmoil of the grave [‘adhāb al-qabr] and denied intercession [shafā’ah]. Al-Lafzīyyah (اللفظيه): said that pronunciation of the Qur’ān was created.


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