Deviant Sects: Al-Qur’āniyyūn

Al-Qur’āniyyūn [The Quranists]

Emerging in the time of the khilāfah ‘Abbasiyyah [Abbasid Caliphate], there arose a man who was a poet, theologian, and jurist, named “Ibrahim an-Nazzam” who propegated the idea that the Qur’ān was the only source of guidance and the Sunnah of Rasūl’Allāh [صلى الله عليه وسلم] was a bid’ah (innovation)

Imām Al-Shafi’i, refuted the arguments of the Qur’anists and established the authority of hadiths in his book ‘kitāb jima’al-‘ilm’ And Ibn Qutaybah refuted an-Nazzam’s arguments against hadith in his book ‘ta’wil mukhtalif al-hadith’

The Qur’ānists differ in the extent of their hatred towards the Sunnah. Some call it ‘unreliable’ or ‘innovation’ but others verbally abuse the messenger and the companions, and they denounce his way and say the Qur’an is sufficient for them.

Due to their abandonment of our guide, Al-Nabī Muhammad [صلى الله عليه وسلم], and the wisdom and path of the sahābah and salaf-As-Sālihīn, they are severely misguided in many aspects of the deen.

They only pray salāh three times a day, and their salāh is completely different to the way of the Muslim’s.

They deny Ad-Dajjāl’s arrival including all the signs of Qiyāmah

They also deny many prohibitions set by Rasūl’Allāh [صلى الله عليه وسلم] such as the prohibition of shaping the eyebrows, or harām haircuts, or drawing life like images, or the miracles which took place.

They don’t know how to circle the ka’bah nor do they know how much to pay in zakāt , they don’t know how to perform the hajj nor do they know the rulings of fasting, neither do they have knowledge on wudhu/ghusl

Due to the many verses in the Qur’ān which tell us to obey Allāh AND His Rasūl, these people are considered as Kuffār and heretics and blasphemers, unfortunately many young people who don’t understand islām or followers of desire fall for their “logic” and fall into kuffr whilsts thinking they are righteous.


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