Deviant Sects: Al-Zaydiyyah


The name Zaydiyyah comes from Zayd ibn Ali, the grandson of Husayn [رضى الله عنه]. –

They are under the umbrella of the Shi’ah sect although they’re the most moderate and close to the Sunnis out of the Shi’ahs. They do not hold the belief that the Ahl-Bayt are infallible and they do not make takfīr on the companions, and they consider themselves ‘the fifth madhab’. According to Zaydis, ‘Ali, Hasan and Husayn are the first three rightful Imāms [leaders], after them, the Imamah [leadership] is open to whomever of their descendants establishes himself through armed rebellion.

They say the leader must be from the Ahlul-Bayt

But they do not share the beliefs of a hidden “mahdi” like the other heretics claim, nor do they believe that their imāms were guided by divine commands.

The Zaydis are considered as Muslims but Mubtadi’een [people of innovation], and they are misguided in regards to their view on the khilāfah and its rulings, nevertheless they are the most orthodox out of the Shi’ah and do not share the same shirky beliefs as the other sects.

we ask Allāh to guide them to the straight path


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