Deviant Sects: “Nation of Islam”

“Nation of Islam” [nation of kufr]

In the 1930’s there arose in Deroit (U.S.A), one of the most misguided and evil groups claiming the title of Islām.

founded by a Dajjāl [deciever] named “Wallace Fard Muhammad” and succeeded by a man who claimed to be the mahdi and also claimed prophethood named “Elijah Muhammad”

Their beliefs which free them from Islam are the following:

They believe “Wallace Fard Muhammad” to be an incarnate of Allāh and also the awaited Mahdi

They do not believe that Rasūl’Allāh [صلى الله عليه وسلم] was the final messenger, rather they believe that their previous leader ‘Elijah Muhammad’ to be the final Messenger

They believe in black supremacy, meaning their version of “Islam” is not open to all. They are viciously anti-white and often refer to them as the “blue eyed devils”

They often try to reinterpret the Qur’ān to futher justify their hatred towards the whites and to make blacks dominate over all races whereas Rasūl’Allāh said, “…No white person is better than a black person, and no black person is better than a white person, except through taqwah” [narrated by Ahmad]

They also deny resurrection and consider it to be a metaphor for one exiting ignorance and gaining knowledge

They are not even considered as apostates, they, similar to the Nusayris, are considered as Asli-Kāfir [originally Kafir] as they believe in a whole different God and a whole different messenger


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