Deviant Sects: The Khawārij

Part 1🐝-

•Al-Harūriyyah [The Khawārij]•
The Khawārij are a sect of people who innovate and follow beliefs and practices foreign to Islam.

They are called that (derived from the Arabic root verb: (خ.ر.ج.) meaning to exit or rebel against. for their leaving the religion and for their rebellion against the best Muslims (Al-Sahābah (رضي الله عنهم).

When the Khawārij separated from the main body of the Muslims [Jamā’ah], they settled in a place called ‘Harūrāh’. This is why they [Khawārij] are often referred to as ‘Harūris’ or ‘Harūriyyah’.
Rasūl’Allāh [صلى الله عليه وسلم] said: “Those [Khawārij] are the dogs of Hell”

📚REFERENCE: [Sunan Ibn-Mājah | Book 1, Hadith 181]
Ibn ‘Umar رضى الله عنه said, “I heard Allāh’s messenger صلى الله عليه و سلم say:

“Every time a new generation of them rises, they will then disappear,“

more than twenty times and then said: “Until the Anti-Christ finally appears among them.”

📚REFERENCE: [Ibn Mājah]

Rasūl’Allāh صلى الله عليه وسلم said:  “They will call to the book of Allāh yet have nothing to do with it”

📚REFERENCE: [Abū Dāwūd (no. 4765)]
Rasūl’Allāh صلى الله عليه و سلم also said regarding them:

“a people who will worship and be religious so much that they will amaze you and amaze themselves, [but] they will pass right through the religion just as an arrow may pass right through a target”

📚REFERENCE: [Recorded by Ibn Abī ‘Āsim in “Kitāb al-Sunnah” (no. 945).]
Part 2🐝-

•Al-Harūriyyah [The Khawārij]•
The first generation of Khawārij were well known because of their abandonment of the scholars [The Sahābah],

they did not have sufficient knowledge on Islām yet became indipendant from the people of knowledge.

They [The Khawārij] took verses which were revealed about Mushrikīn [polytheists] and Kuffār and applied them to the Muslims.
They backed their speech with the Qur’ān as their proof, but they lacked the explanation behind the verses and the wisdom and explanation of the Sahābah which lead them astray.
This lead them to misinterpreting the Qur’ān and applying Takfīr on those unworthy, according to the first generation of Khārijites, committing a major sin made one worthy of being a Kafir, they didn’t differentiate between Kuffr Asghar [Minor Kuffr] and Kuffr Akbar [major Kuffr which makes one a disbeliever].
Due to this, they declared the Messenger’s Companions as Kuffār and made their blood halal for them to spill, and it was this deviant group, which killed the cousin of the Prophet and the leader of the faithful, ‘Alî ibn Abī Tāleb [رضي الله تعالى عنه].
Just like every sect in islām which changes throughout time due to different influences, the Khawārij are no different. They too developed several doctrines throughout time.
Part 3🐝-

•Al-Harūriyyah [The Khawārij]•
Al-Harūriyyah [The Khārijites] split into twelve sects:
📎Al-Azraqiyyah ( الأزرقيه):

claimed that no one (other than their followers) was a believer, and they declared all followers of Islam to be non-believers.
📎Al-lbādhiyyah (الإباضيه): claimed that whoever adopted their beliefs is a believer, and whoever did not was a hypocrite.
📎Al-Tha’labîyyah ( الثعلبيه): claimed that Allah (جل جلاله) did not decree.
📎Al-Hazimīyyah (الحازميه):

claimed that they did not understand belief (imān), and all humans were excused (for not believing).
📎Al-Khalafiyyah (الخلفيه): claimed that whoever did not practice jihād whether male or female, is a Kāfir.
📎Al-Kūzīyyah (الكوزيه): claimed that no one was to touch anyone else because there was no way to know a pure person (Tāhir) from a non-pure person (nājis). He was not to eat with him until he performed ablution (ghusl) and repents.
📎Al-Kinzīyyah (الكنزيه): claimed that no one was to donate money to any one else, because there was no way to ensure that he was deserving of it. Instead, he was to save the money underground until the people of truth appeared.
📎Al-Shimrākhīyyah (الشمراخيه):

said that it was permissible to touch foreign women because they were flowers!
📎Al-Akhnāsiyyah (الأخناسيه): claimed that a deceased person is not followed (held responsible) by good or evil.
📎Al-Hākimiyyah (الحاكميه): claimed that whoever sought the judgment of another human was a non-believer.
📎Al-Mu’tazilah (المعتزله):

were a sect of al-Harūriyyah [Khawārij]. They became confused regarding the ordeal of ‘Alī and Mu’āwiyah, so they declared themselves to be innocent from both parties.
📎Al-Maymūnīyyah (الميمونيه):

claimed that a leader was not to be appointed without the approval of those whom they loved.

[Imām Ibn Al-Jawzī’s ‘Talbîs Iblîs’]
Part 4🐝-

•Al-Harūriyyah [The Khawārij]•
The Khawārij are a people who are very pious when looking at them, and the Messenger of Allāh صلى الله عليه و سلم even said to his Companions that they would belittle their own worship when seeing theirs.
The Khawārij are quick to excommunicate Muslims [make takfîr] without proper understanding, and they are soft towards the Kuffār and Mushrikīn and harsh towards the Muslims.
They speak from Qur’ān and Sunnah, but lack understanding of the texts, so are lead astray.
The Khawārij said: “There is no rule except the rule of Allāh!”

‘Alī [رضى الله عنه] said: “A word of truth, but intended therewith falsehood.“

📚REFERENCE: Sahīh Muslim


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