Deviant Sects: The Murjiah

The first to call to this belief was Ghīlān ibn Abi Ghīlan.

basic belief: They uphold the belief of lrjā’ meaning to hold that sins, major or minor, do not affect imān [faith] and that imān neither increases nor decreases.

The Murji’ah split into 12 sub-sects

Al-Tārikiyyah [التاركيه]: Believe that the only obligation which Allāh commanded was to believe in Him, so as long as one believes in Allāh [alone], he may act how he pleases.

Al-Sāibiyyah [الساإبيه]: believe that Allāh has left His creation to act as they please

Al-Rājiyyah [الراجيه]: claimed that we should not describe a person as an obeyer or disobeyer because only Allāh knows his true status

Al-Shākiyyah [الشاكيه]: claimed that performing acts of obedience was not part of imān [belief]. –

Al-Bayhasīyyah [البيهسيه]: claimed that belief was nothing more than knowledge, and that whoever did not know truth from falsehood, or halāl from harām, then that person was a kāfir [non-believer]

Al-‘Amaliyyah [العمليه]: claimed that Imān was [just] in the actions.

Al-Manqûsīyyah [المنقوصيه]: claimed that imān neither increases or decreases

Al-Mustathniyyah [المستثنيه]: claimed that it is impermissable to say “I am a believer inShāAllāh”

Al-Mushabbihah [المشبهه]: claimed that Allāh’s sight was like our [humans] sight, and that His hands were like our hands

Al-Hashawiyyah [الحشويه]: claimed that every act of worship was Imān [belief] in its entirety. according to them,the one who didn’t perform voluntary acts was no different to the one who didn’t perform obligatory acts

Al-Zāhiriyyah [الظاهريه]: denied Qiyās [analogical deduction]

Al-Bid’iyyah [البدعيه]: were the first to innovate [new] things in islām [Imām Ibn-Jawzī ~ Talbîs Iblîs]


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